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The #1 safety and entertainment resource for social minded people who value their legal rights!

Be in the know and out of trouble with Oh Crap App. Go out, have fun, be smart, get home safe - regardless of where you are at in the United States. Oh Crap App is the go-to lifestyle resource designed to protect and entertain individuals who enjoy socializing but who also insist that their legal rights be respected and protected. Version 4.0 now features “crap chat” which allows users to post and receive special food and drink offers from local establishments, traffic enforcement alerts such as road block or speed trap warnings, or other social and community notifications.

Prevention through education is a focal point of Oh Crap App. Many unfortunate situations can be avoided by citizens simply educating themselves and understanding how to confidently invoke their legal rights. Oh Crap App is original police interaction application and is the ONLY resource that educates users of their legal rights on a national level based upon the State they are located in at the time the app is activated. The app also allows the user to record law any encounter with law enforcement and save the recording securely on our remote server for later use when the recording is stopped.

Use the free informational blood alcohol concentration calculator and taxi function to avoid making the dangerous decision of driving drunk. In the event that the user finds themselves on the wrong side of the law, Oh Crap App still features the original functionality of a crash course on legal rights, voice recorder and quick connection with a lawyer and bondsman in your geographic proximity.

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